Olympus Fluoview FV1000

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The FV1000 confocal enables imaging of thick specimens as well as fixed cells stained with standard fluorophores. Mounted on an inverted microscope, the motorized stage can be used for image stitching of large samples and imaging at multiple positions. Accompanying Imaris Software is available for 3D image reconstruction. In addition the FV1000 is fitted with a Becker and Hickl FLIM system for fluorescence lifetime imaging.


  • Imaging fixed cells and tissue sections labelled with 3 or 4 fluorophores. For investigating cellular architecture, localisation or co-localisation.
  • 3D Imaging of thicker samples such as organoids, embryos etc.
  • Imaging larger structures such as organ slices using image stitching.
  • Imaging multiple points on a slide.
  • FLIM imaging for accurate FRET interactions or assessing local fluorophore environment.

General Specifications

  • FluoView Spectral FV1000 Laser Scanning Microscope based on a IX81 motorized inverted microscope
  • 6 laser lines
  • Freely selectable ROI for laser scanning, bleaching and photoactivation
  • Scan speeds of up to 4 frames/second with 512 x 512 pixels
  • xy, xz, xyz, xyzt, lambda, line scan and spot scan modes
  • DIC optics
  • FLIM system (Becker and Hickl) for lifetime imaging

FV1000 Laser Lines

Laser Excitation Lines Suitable Dyes
Solid State 405nm Alexa 405, DAPI, Hoechst
Argon 458nm CFP
488nm Alexa 488, FITC, GFP, Cy2
515nm Alexa 514, YFP
Solid State 559nm Alexa 546, TRITC, Cy3, DiI, propidium iodide, Texas red , mCherry
Solid State 635nm Alexa 633, Alexa 647, Cy5


Objectives Available


Selected reading:

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Olympus FV1000

Olympus FV1000

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