zeiss widefield fluorescence microscope

Room 214.00.13

The Zeiss fluorescence microscope is an Zeiss Axiovert 200 inverted microscope equipped with BSI Prime cmos camera. The system is also fitted with z-peizo and motorised stage for multi-point imaging


  • Easy to use microscope.
  • Imaging fixed tissue culture cells labelled with 3 or 4 fluorophores (DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5).

General specifications

  • Zeiss Axiovert 200 inverted microscope
  • CoolED light source with filters for standard 4-colour fluorescent samples
  • Sensitive cmos camera
  • Phase contrast optics
  • Peizo stage insert
  • Motorised xy stage

Filter Sets - Sedat Quad 89000

Objectives Available

Selected publications from the Zeiss Fluorescence:

  • Microfluidics with fluid walls. Walsh EJ, Feuerborn A, Wheeler JHR, Tan AN, Durham WM, Foster KR, Cook PR. Nat Commun. Oct 10;8(1):816. (2017).