zeiss widefield fluorescence microscope

Room 214.00.25

This microscope is an Zeiss Axiovert 200 inverted microscope equipped with:

CCD3 Filter Cubes

Filter Cube Emission Colour Suitable Dyes
1 (Zeiss #00) Red Tex Red
2 (Zeiss #02) Blue DAPI
3 (Zeiss #10) Green FITC
4 (Zeiss #13) GFP GFP
5 (Zeiss #15) Red Cy3, Rhodamine

Selected publications from the Zeiss Fluorescence:

  • Microfluidics with fluid walls. Walsh EJ, Feuerborn A, Wheeler JHR, Tan AN, Durham WM, Foster KR, Cook PR. Nat Commun. Oct 10;8(1):816. (2017).