Cryo-electron microscopy

The Central Oxford Structural Molecular Imaging Centre (COSMIC) is a newly established cryo-electron microscopy facility in the South Parks Rd Science Area at Oxford University. COSMIC is affiliated with the Dunn School EM Facility and offers researchers the opportunity to join the cryo-EM revolution.

Microscopes and equipment:

  • FEI Tecnai T12 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) with a Gatan OneView CMOS digital camera (in association with the Dunn School EM Facility)
  • FEI Talos 200 kV cryo-TEM with FEI Ceta camera and STEM detector and Gatan 70° tilt cryo-holders. We are now offering training to eligible users on the Talos 200c.
  • FEI Arctica 200 kV cryo-TEM with autoloader, FEI Ceta camera and FEI Falcon 3 electron detector – this microscope will soon be open for use in collaboration with staff.
  • FEI Titan Krios 300 kV cryo-TEM with autoloader, FEI Ceta camera, FEI Falcon 3 and Gatan K2 direct electron detectors. The Krios is due to be installed this Summer.
  • Two FEI Mark IV Vitrobots for preparing cryo-EM grids
  • High performance computing for single particle analysis and sub-tomogram averaging.


If you would like to find out more about doing cryo-EM at COSMIC, please get in touch:

Recommended reading:

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