Zeiss 880 Ariyscan

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The Zeiss 880 confocal is an inverted microscope equipped with Airyscan ‘super-resolution detector’. In addition the system is fitted with z-peizo, definite focus, fast-Airyscan module and an environmental chamber for super-resolution live cell imaging. The motorized stage can be used for image stitching of large samples and time-lapse imaging at multiple positions.


  • Imaging fixed tissue culture cells tissue sections labelled with 3 or 4 fluorophores for cellular architecture, localisation or co-localisation studies at resolution beyond that achievable with standard confocal microscopes.
  • Fast imaging in XY and Z dimensions
  • Environmental chamber for time-lapse imaging at 37oC with 5% CO2 (possible at super-resolution).
  • Programmable stage for imaging larger structures such as organ slices, or multiple points on a slide.

General specifications

  • Zeiss 880 Laser Scanning Microscope fitted with Airyscan detector
  • Incubator system for live-cell imaging and temperature control
  • 6 laser lines
  • Freely selectable ROI for laser scanning, bleaching and photoactivation
  • xy, xz, xyz, xyzt, lambda, line scan and spot scan modes
  • DIC optics
  • Peizo stage insert
  • Definite focus

Zeiss 880 Laser Lines

Laser Excitation Lines Suitable Dyes
Solid State 405nm Alexa 405, DAPI, Hoechst
Argon 458nm CFP
488nm Alexa 488, FITC, GFP, Cy2
515nm Alexa 514, YFP
Solid State 561nm Alexa 546, TRITC, Cy3, DiI, propidium iodide, Texas red , mCherry
Solid State 633nm Alexa 633, Alexa 647, Cy5


Objectives Available

Selected reading:

Selected publications from the Zeiss 880 Airyscan:

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  • An X-ray shielded irradiation assay reveals EMT transcription factors control pluripotent adult stem cell migration in vivo in planarians. Abnave P, Aboukhatwa E, Kosaka N, Thompson J, Hill MA, Aboobaker AA. Development. pii: dev.154971. (2017).