Sustainability and environmental impact

In the Dunn School bioimaging facility we are committed to reducing the impact of our light microscopy research on the environment and aiming to make the imaging more sustainable...

How can you help:

  • Turn off microscopes at the end of your imaging session check the booking calendar. Are you the last user of the day (or is there more than 1-hour gap after you before the next users is booked to use the microscope)? If so then turn off the microscope following the 'Turning off' instructions on the wall sheet by the microscope.
  • Turn off lights at the end of the day.

Links to common protocols and workflows:

While some variation in protocol methods may be necessary for research purposes, standardised protocols will improve reproducibility and reduce error.

Further reading: Reproducible imaging:

High quality imaging will improve reproducibility and reduce resource usage with unnecessary repeat experiments.


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